Established in May 2021, with a mission to be mindful of sustainability in both sourcing, transportation and packaging, our goal is to have spices delivered to your door with as minor a carbon footprint as possible, not to mention keeping affordability centre of mind! We are very proud of being able to offer flat-rate carbon neutral shipping Australia-wide for a flat rate of $7, with free shipping for orders over $40.  

Our 3 core values always aim to keep YOU in mind. They include:
  • Keeping you HAPPY & FULFILLED with our vast variety and quality of spices and salts.
  • Ensuring you experience SIMPLICITY online, as we want you to enjoy a seamless journey from product selection to checkout.  
  • Providing that EXTRA TOUCH you may not experience elsewhere. As you can tell, we are much more than just a online spice store, as we focus on sustainability, modern and unique packaging, personalised messaging and a free to join membership program called the Spice Club.
We value your patronage, and will always put you first: our customer service is second to none. We also offer a personalised service that adapts to your every need. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line or call us on our 1800 number.