How to use our Australian salts for cooking
There is no doubt that salt plays a critical role in how our food tastes. However, our Australian salts at Spice and Salt bring a unique flavour to the table, literally. That said, there are various ways you can utilize salts from our online store to give your food the desired tastes and flavour.

First off, our gourmet salts come in a variety of textures to give you artistic freedom of choice. Salts with larger grains can help you infuse a strong and crunchy salty note when you use it as a finishing salt. If you want a finer texture, you may use them in a grinder. Or you can buy Australian salts that come in smaller grain to a more delicate flavour to your food.

Furthermore, you may choose to use rock salts (as they have large crystals) as the base of your baking pan while roasting your vegetables. They also come in handy when you’re curing meat and even food. This is because rock salts draw out and hold moisture.

Gourmet salt flakes are more ideal for smoking chicken as they produce a pleasure spike in the meal’s flavour. Related sea salt flakes are perfect for seasoning cooked meals and salads. If you’re serving chocolate or caramel desserts, sea salt flakes can help give a delicious crunch to the course. You may also use this salt to tenderize meat pre-barbecue fire.

There’s more.

While we want you to buy Australian salts, Himalayan pink salts have a strong, salty taste that may prove valuable to your meal. These pink salts help to flavour salads, soups, and vegetables quite nicely.

Finally, kosher salt is an all-purpose salt but is most popular for its applications in baking.
Why shop online with Spice and Salt
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