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Australian Sea Salt

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What is Australian Sea Salt - A natural, Australian sea salt flake from the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. A great all-rounded salt product with crystal size between 0.71mm and 1.66mm similar to small sugar crystals and..

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$1.25 AUD

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What is Australian Sea Salt

A natural, Australian sea salt flake from the Spencer Gulf in South Australia.  A great all-rounded salt product with crystal size between 0.71mm and 1.66mm similar to small sugar crystals and “Kosher Salt”.  As nature intended, this salt is free of any added chemicals or free-flowing agents.

 Features of Australian Sea Salt

  • Finishing a meal
  • Cooking​
  • Curing
  • Pickling
  • Fermenting &
  • Smoking

 Australian sea salt, which may also be referred to as red flaked sea salt or Australian Flake salt, is lighter in weight than other salts and thus contains less sodium. It is a good salt for use as a finishing salt to season fish, poultry and a variety of lighter or delicate food dishes.

Storage conditions 

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and odours.

Shelf Life 

Up to 3 years when stored as above. See Best Before date.


No allergens.


Natural Sea Salt
  • Alkalise the body
  • Balance blood sugars
  • Eliminate mucus build up
  • Regulate heart beat + blood pressure
  • Improve brain function
  • Increase energy
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Provide electrolyte balance
  • Prevent muscle cramps
  • Build immunity

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Rock Sea Salts 

Many people looking to buy rock salts online and consume them as food salts could enjoy such benefits as stimulated metabolism. Others could enjoy a bit more balance in electrolytes without drastic changes in blood pressure. Finally, anyone using rock salt right would enjoy its excellent taste in various meals. 

Is sea salt good for you?

In terms of sheer health benefits, sea salts don’t quite have so much to offer. The reason is that they’re largely made up of sodium chloride. This strongly limits their range of possibilities. After all, a limited range of minerals or nutrients equals a limited range of health benefits. 

Sea salts are, however, great for enhancing the taste of your food which is more likely to provide you with a more robust set of beneficial nutrients and minerals. 

But, while sea salt doesn’t offer many health advantages, it also doesn’t pose any major health risks either unless you consume it excessively.

What is rock sea salt? 

Rock salt is also referred to as halite, sendha namak, or saindhava lavana, depending on where you are. It is a specific type of salt that is created when the saltwater from a lake or a sea evaporates and leaves crystals made of sodium chloride. 

You would mostly find this type of salt occurring in sedimentary rocks. In its unrefined state, it contains various minerals apart from sodium. These minerals are in such small quantities that salt should not be your primary source for acquiring them. 

However, once refined, it begins losing many of these essential minerals that might have otherwise been noticeable. 

What is the difference between sea salt and rock salt?

Many people looking to buy rock salts online often confuse them with sea salt, but they're quite different from each other. The primary difference between rock and sea salt is in the way they are acquired. Rock salt is mined in its solid-state from sedimentary rock across the world. Afterwards, a machine crushes it for use. Sea salts, however, are food salts that are created when seawater evaporates. 

Due to this major difference in their acquisition method, rock salt is usually not as finely ground as its counterpart. This difference in texture goes better on some meals than some others. 

What are the health benefits of rock sea salt?

Rock sea salt, like any other type of salt, does not have so many health benefits. However, it could aid in the treatment of sore throats. This is likely because of salt's natural ability to kill bacteria, which is one of the major things that cause sore throat. Rock sea salt might also be great for reducing cramps in your muscles. It could also help to boost your skin health. 

Additionally, it may provide you with trace amounts of some minerals. This shouldn't make salt your primary source of those minerals. A balanced diet is still better than just salt. 

Is rock sea salt better than sea salt? 

These two types of salt are very similar in terms of their composition and functions. However, they both have their advantages. As such, it can be a bit of a challenge deciding which is better between the two of them. 

For example, rock sea salt is made from crushing salt rocks. Afterwards, it is refined and processed to remove impurities. This makes it much more likely to be pure. Sea salt, on the other hand, has finer grains that some might find more appealing in their food. However, the purity of rock sea salt certainly makes it very appealing.