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Whole Black Peppercorns

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The most sought-after and heavily traded spice in history, Black Peppercorn lives up to its expectations by transforming blandness into bite in almost every imaginable dish. Add peppercorn, whole or round…

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The most sought-after and heavily traded spice in history, Black Peppercorn lives up to its expectations by transforming blandness into bite in almost every imaginable dish. Add peppercorn, whole or round, to meats, fish, and vegetables, as well as salads, rice, and sandwiches. Even sweet dishes such as Indian chai enjoy a subtle background kick from a small amount of freshly ground pepper.

What are whole black peppercorns?

Other Common Names: Black Pepper, White Pepper, Green Pepper, True Pink Pepper. Botanical Name: (Piper nigrum)

Features of black peppercorn

The dried, black unripened berries of Piper nigrum, have a warm, pungent aroma and spicy flavor. The spiciness of black pepper is due to the chemical piperine. Black pepper is native to India and is cultivated in tropical regions. It is the world’s most traded spices and is used in many cuisines for sweet and savory dishes.  

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Black peppercorns can be used whole, or crack to the desired coarseness in a grinder or with a mortar & pestle. Add cracked, ground or whole peppercorns to recipes for salads, sauces, slow-cooked hot-pots, soups and stock. For something different use pepper in dessert recipes. Great in a chocolate mousse or brownies. Marinate with fresh strawberries and a dash of balsamic vinegar, or sprinkled over a fruit salad. Add a few whole or cracked peppercorns to chai tea, or use ground in golden turmeric drinks.

Eating and Cooking with black peppercorn

All true pepper whether black, white, green or pink comes from the berries of a tropical evergreen vine. Black peppercorns are the green unripe peppercorns picked from the vine and dried in the sun. The natural enzymes in the outer husk (pericarp) of the peppercorns turn the green berries black on drying, forming the volatile oil which gives black pepper its characteristic flavour. Green peppercorns are picked green and either put into brine or freeze-dried to prevent the enzyme reaction from turning the pericarp black. White pepper is made by soaking the nearly ripe peppercorns in water, then rubbing them to remove the pericarp before drying them. White pepper is hotter than black due to its piperine content, however it lacks the “oily” taste found in black pepper. Pink peppercorns are the fully ripe berries which are generally put into brine to prevent the enzyme reaction from turning them black. Pink peppercorns have a sweet, almost fruity note combined with an underlying heat.

Dried pink peppercorns are not from the pepper vine, but come from the “shinus” species of tree. These shinus peppercorns have a pine-like flavour which resembles Juniper and is different from true Pink Pepper.


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life

Up to 18 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.


This product contains No known Allergens.

May also contain traces of other allergens due to possible cross-contamination.

Piper nigrum (Black Peppercorn)

Black Peppercorn is arguably the most popular spice in the world today. Ground black pepper is known for its hot flavour and medicinal properties. Black pepper is produced from unripe drupes of pepper plant. They are cleaned and subjected to drying (mostly sun drying) from where they get the black colour.

Consistent colour is a sign of quality and often indicates that they do not blend from different batches of old and new (all peppercorns will have colour variations being an organic food). A good floral aroma indicates freshness and likely good strong flavour. Look for a uniform size which is a good indicator of quality.

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Black Pepper

Black pepper is a very popular spice that you can use to cook any number of meals. Not only does it give your meal that extra zing, but it also has various health benefits. Essentially, when you buy pepper, you'll be getting great taste and benefits like antioxidants and antimicrobials.

What is the best black peppercorn?

There are various types of black peppercorn online. Many people tend to have their preferences. However, the general consensus seems to be Tellicherry black peppercorn. This unique black peppercorn is grown in India. This adds to its rarity and excitement seeing as you can't just get it anywhere you want.

In addition, they often measure around 4 millimetres or larger – the perfect size for your meals. Tellicherry black peppercorn is so widely desired that in India, almost every black peppercorn harvest will contain Tellicherry peppercorns. However, some prefer black peppercorn from other parts of the world like the US, Vietnam, Netherlands, etc.

What is the difference between black peppercorn and black pepper?

To put it in simple terms, the primary difference between black pepper and black peppercorn is that the former is a vine and the latter is a fruit. However, black pepper and black peppercorn aren’t exactly two different spices.

Black pepper, also known as Piper nigrum belongs to the Piperaceae family. It is a flowering vine and the major reason black pepper is cultivated is because of its fruit. The name of its fruit is peppercorn.

So, technically speaking, black pepper and black peppercorn aren’t necessarily on two opposite ends of a spectrum because one is acquired from the other.

Is black peppercorn the most popular spice sold online?

Black peppercorn is not the most popular spice sold online. This can be attributed to many possible factors. For starters, there are so many spices in the world being bought every day that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all and compile the data.

However, despite not being the most popular, it does come pretty close under the umbrella of “pepper,” which happens to be one of the most purchased spices in the world. Apart from pepper, a few others that are doing quite well include onion powder, ginger, cinnamon, paprika, garlic powder, coriander etc.

Is black peppercorn expensive?

No, black peppercorn isn’t particularly expensive. However, the prices may vary based on several factors. One such factor is the place you're buying it from and the current economic situation there.

Another factor is the time of the year you're buying it. Certain plants grow much more easily at specific times of the year. When they're not in season, they naturally become more expensive. Finally, the company you are buying your black peppercorn from also determines the price. Some sell their black peppercorn for as little as $0.62 per ounce and others sell it around $0.87 per ounce.

What are the health benefits of black peppercorn?

Black peppercorn has several benefits to the human body besides adding spice to your food.

One major benefit is that if used right, it can assist your weight loss efforts. Just remember that nothing, absolutely nothing beats a good diet and exercise Besides that, it can help with detoxification while also helping you to prevent constipation, assuming that everything else is in place. It has quite a bit of potassium and can be useful for regulating your blood pressure. Some also believe it might be useful in preventing cancer and can help with the production of red blood cells.