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Cinnamon Powder

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Cinnamon Powder - Cinnamon power is one of the oldest ingredients human beings have used throughout history as it dates as far back as ancient Egypt. However, fast forward to centuries later, cinnamon…

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Cinnamon Powder
Cinnamon power is one of the oldest ingredients human beings have used throughout history as it dates as far back as ancient Egypt. However, fast forward to centuries later, cinnamon is still as relevant in the kitchen and significantly more desirable. It’s no wonder our spice shop boasts of some of the best cinnamon powder you can find online.

What is Cinnamon Powder?

Cinnamon powder (or Ceylon) is an organic grounded spice that is made by processing the bark of the ‘Cinnamomum Verum’ plant. As a spice, cinnamon powder has become one of the most popular (and even celebrated) ingredient for its versatility in both sweet and savoury food.
Indeed, if you have ever eaten an apple pie, cinnamon powder is one of the reasons you liked it so much!
However, there’s something you should note buy you buy cinnamon online. There are two major varieties of cinnamon powder — Ceylon and Cassia, depending on which type of cinnamon plant is harvested.
Ceylon cinnamon has a sweeter and more delicate flavour while Cassia cinnamon is the more popular variety of the spice and generally what people call ‘cinnamon’.
However, which cinnamon powder you buy, you can be sure you’re in for a tasty treat when you add it to your meals.

Features of Cinnamon Powder
As the name implies, when you buy cinnamon spices online, you should expect them to come in powdery form. However, since it is an organic product, cinnamon powder does not have one exact colour. Its colour ranges from red to reddish-brown. With regards to its scent, cinnamon powder smells sweet and spicy — like fresh homemade baking

How to Use Cinnamon Powder
One of the reasons the cinnamon powder we sell online has gotten so popular is that it seems to go with every dish you add it to. However, there are some combinations we think you should not miss out on. 
Eating and cooking with cinnamon powder
Cinnamon powder can fragrant sweetness and a unique depth of flavour to a great variety of food and even drinks. You can add this versatile spice to everything from porridge, puddings, and baked goods to yoghurt, smoothies, chocolate and ice cream. Stewed fruits can also benefit from a dash of this aromatic spice.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can buy cinnamon online and add it to your tea or coffee. Many swear that it can replace sugar!
Storage Condition

Your cinnamon powder from our online herbs and spices shop will last the longest if you keep it in an airtight container. Then, place that container in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Shelf Life
If you store your cinnamon powder as we directed, you can keep it for as long as two years without a significant drop in its taste and flavour.
wheat, peanuts, tree nuts. sesame seeds, soy, milk products.

We pride ourselves on using only all-natural products. So when you buy our cinnamon powder spices online, you get organic cinnamon ground (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), free of any preservative.

The Health Benefits of Cinnamon
Numerous people now buy and use cinnamon powder because of the natural sweetness and flavour it adds to food and drinks. But, do you know that this spice is brilliant in terms of the health benefits it offers?

Due to the process of high levels of antioxidants in the cinnamon powder, you buy from us online, it can help reduce inflammation, which reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, and more. Not only that, cinnamon can help your body increase its resistance and battle against infections due to its immune-boosting qualities.

Furthermore, research has shown that two natural compounds that occur in cinnamon — chromium and polyphenols, can improve the way your body reacts to insulin. This can help regulate your blood sugar levels.

Finally, there are signs that cinnamon powder can help preserve brain functions and reduce the chances of Type-2 Diabetes.

Cinnamon Powder: Why Shop From Spice and Salt

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Cinnamon Powder 

The process of cinnamon creation is a pretty straightforward one. First, the stems of cinnamon trees are cut off and the inner barks are extracted. Then, the woody parts of the plant would be removed, dried and ground into cinnamon powder, which is great for various reasons no matter where you buy cinnamon powder. 

What is the difference between ground cinnamon and cinnamon powder? 

While you might be tempted to think otherwise, the truth is that these two types of cinnamon are pretty much the same. Ground cinnamon is cinnamon that has been broken down into very small grains/bits/particles for cooking. Cinnamon powder is cinnamon that's been broken into the finest possible particles that could exist. 

However, they’re essentially made from the same cinnamon tree. Additionally, they wouldn’t taste much different when you add them to your meals. The only way you might sense a major difference between the two is if you use different variations of cinnamon to create your powder and ground cinnamon. 

What are the health benefits of cinnamon? 

Cinnamon is one of the many spices that go beyond giving just good taste. This spice is loaded with antioxidants. These serve as your body's line of defence against free radicals.

Additionally, cinnamon possesses useful anti-inflammatory qualities. This means that in its own way, it assists your body in the fight against tissue damage and dangerous infections.

Cinnamon may also contribute to the prevention of heart disease. It does so by helping to reduce the negative cholesterol levels in your body. The spice would also help make your body more sensitive to insulin, making you less susceptible to diabetes. 

Can cinnamon kill viruses and bacteria? 

Technically speaking, cinnamon is capable of killing certain bacteria and/or viruses. For example, cinnamon can help with the disruption of an unpleasant bacterial colony known as a biofilm. This colony often covers the topmost surfaces of medical gear and can be incredibly awful due to the infections that they cause. 

Also, cinnamon may be used to remove bad odours which are essentially caused by a buildup of bacteria in an area. Cinnamon’s ability to fight bacteria can be linked to its effectiveness as an antimicrobial agent. However, it is worthy of note that cinnamon shouldn’t be a replacement for proper hygiene and health practices.

What are the most popular uses of cinnamon? 

Cinnamon is used for several different things across the world. In the fight against nasty smells and odours, many people often turn to cinnamon for help by adding it to the source of olfactory discomfort. 

In the culinary world, cinnamon has even more uses. Many people make it a primary ingredient in their cookies, cakes, and desserts. Others, especially in the middle-east tend to use cinnamon for their excellent lamb and chicken dishes. 

Ultimately, what you can do with cinnamon is entirely dependent on you. The spice is incredibly versatile and allows for a lot of creativity in the kitchen. 

Is cinnamon popular in Australia? 

Yes, cinnamon is quite popular in different parts of Australia. Many people across the country purchase this spice to use in their meals. Another fun thing to know is that cinnamon can be grown in Australia. It might require a pot or a tropical/subtropical part of Australia. 

However, cinnamon can be made in Australia to meet the demand for it within the country. The specific type of cinnamon that's well-known and most commonly used among the Australian people is Ceylon cinnamon. It is also referred to as the "true" cinnamon. Its flavour is sweet and unique.