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Himalayan Pink Salt

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This Himalayan Pink Salt is excavated and washed by hand, then naturally sun-dried to produce a delectable savoury flavour. It contains over 80 minerals and trace elements, giving this wonderful salt...

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This Himalayan Pink Salt is excavated and washed by hand, then naturally sun-dried to produce a delectable savoury flavour. It contains over 80 minerals and trace elements, giving this wonderful salt a lovely pink colour. This coarse granular salt is a delicious addition to recipes and can be used as a convenient and flavoursome condiment, imparting a rich flavour that enhances the taste of any dish. The producers of this salt donate a percentage of their profits to local Himalayan communities, supporting people with disabilities to engage in employment.

What is Himalayan salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is thought to have formed millions of years ago as ancient seas evaporated. The salt is extracted from the mines by hand and minimally processed. As it is largely unrefined and additive-free it is believed to be more natural than conventional table salt.

It is mostly made up mainly of sodium chloride, however, the natural mining process allows it to retain many other minerals that regular table salt does not contain.

It has been estimated that Himalayan salt may contain as many as  84 minerals and trace elements. 

This Himalayan pink salt is a perfect all-purpose salt for convenient use as a condiment at the table, as a recipe ingredient, or for baking. Add a pinch to porridge or smoothies to bring out the flavours. Use as is in recipes during cooking, or lightly sprinkle ground salt over dishes when serving.

Coarse Himalayan salt is suitable for use in a grinder or mill.

At the table, serve this pink salt in a small dish or salt crock rather than a shaker. It also works wonderfully in a mortar and pestle with fresh herbs or dried spices. Try it with sesame, coriander and cumin seeds, with a few peppercorns for a delicious savoury sprinkle or as an accompaniment to dipping oil and crusty bread.

Pink salt is a star in salted caramel sauces and home-made chocolates. So yummy.

Eating and Cooking with Himalyan Salt

Himalayan salt can be used pretty much the same way you would use regular salt to cook or eat with. It goes well with sauces and marinades or can be added to food according to taste.

There are some instances of Himalayan salt being used as a cooking surface. It is possible to purchase large blocks of the salt and use them to grill, sear meats and other foods. This process gives the food and added salty flavour.

Storage conditions

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and odours.

Shelf Life

Up to 3 years when stored as above. See Best Before date.


No Known Allergens.This product may contain allergens.

Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt.

There are some suggested health benefits that come from using Himalayan salt, particularly instead of regular table salt. These benefits include:

  • It contains lower sodium per teaspoon than table salt. Because of the larger sized crystals that Himalayan salt contains there is less sodium per serve on average. Where excess sodium is present, blood pressure in increased which puts extra pressure on the heart and can cause significant health issues.
  • It contains more natural ingredients than table salt. While table salt is usually mixed with anticaking agents such as magnesium carbonate, Himalayan salt is far less processed and generally free of additives.
  • It can help to hydrate more effectively. Research has shown that adding a sprinkling of Himalayan salt to drinks and meals can help avoid dehydration.
  • It can improve respiratory afflictions. Because salt contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties it can loosen excessive mucus from the lungs while removing pathogens from the air that creates an environment that is easier to breath in.

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Himalayan Salts
Himalayan salt has grown quite popular over the last few years and for good reason. This salt is
not only great for seasoning but also excellent as a fixture. If you use it as a food salt, it would
serve as a good source of sodium, providing excellent health benefits.

Is our Himalayan salt real?

Yes, our Himalayan salt is real. Given its desirability, there are many different sellers of Himalayan salt in the market. Unfortunately, not all of them actually sell good, high-quality salt. Many of these makers often add anti-caking agents alongside sugar to make it more appealing. Processing it this way alters the nature of the salt and, technically speaking, it stops being real and healthy Himalayan salt. However, we ensure that we do not process our salts, especially not to the point where their original composition is altered. Finally, we take care to harvest our salt from only the best spots.

Is Himalayan salt legit?

Himalayan salt is as legit as any other spice or seasoning imaginable. This type of salt is created out of salt rock crystals mined from the Himalayas and its environs, including Pakistan. Naturally, this type of salt isn't quite the same colour as other types of salt and it certainly isn't only useful for food. But, these are the things that make it unique, not fake or worrisome. However, it is worth noting that while Himalayan salt is legit, some information about it online isn't.

So, it might be best to discern between marketing hype and facts before purchase.

Why is Himalayan salt pink?

Himalayan salt is pink mostly because of the minerals it contains. Indeed, like any other salt, the primary compound you’ll find in Himalayan salt is sodium. However, this type of salt also contains trace amounts of other minerals. A few of them include magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

These minerals are responsible for the distinct colour Himalayan salt has. It is worth noting that Himalayan salt is not always the bright pink that some might think it is. While it isn't white either, it is much better described as "off-white." The exact colour of Himalayan salt depends on the mineral quantity.

What are the health benefits of Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt can benefit your health in various ways. For starters, many believe that it is useful for improving respiratory diseases. Note that it doesn’t cure them. It simply improves them and makes them more bearable. Additionally, some believe that it can help you to balance your pH.

This is the level of acidity in your body which, as you can imagine, shouldn’t cross a certain point. It can also help to reduce signs of aging. While it certainly can’t cure insomnia, it can help to improve your sleep quality. Finally, some believe that it’s useful for increasing your libido.

Is Himalayan salt better than real salt?

We’ll begin by saying that Himalayan salt is real salt. Their colours are different and the compositions have their uniqueness, too. However, Himalayan salt is as real as it gets. Having said that, it's worthy of note that Himalayan salt has the potential to be more beneficial than table salt/sea salt, among others.

This is simply because of its distinct trace minerals. It is also believed to help reduce your sodium intake. But, there aren't many hard scientific pieces of evidence that point toward the overall excellence of Himalayan salt. Also, despite the sodium reduction, it is best to consume in moderation.